Composting your way to the Good Life

Eco friendly hygiene is currently a key issue at home with regard to cleaning and personal hygiene products and with the current rapidly growing number of Swine Flu across the UK, hygiene is of utmost importance to protect you and your family. 

Our hygiene range of products not only address hygiene issues in an eco friendly manner, but also helps protect against superbugs such as E-coli, flu virus including Swine Flu, Norovirus and MRSA bacteria plus more.

Safe to use around babies and pets, our products are kind to skin and suitable for use even on sensitive or broken skin without irritation or stinging.

Renewable fuel

When it comes to Green Driving, many of us leave the engine care to a mechanic or local garage.  Many engine problems are created by un-burnt fuel which is the cause of carbon build-up in the engine as well as exhaust emissions and smoke which is not ideal for green driving conditions! 

What about treating the fuel in your existing engine?  By improving the quality of your fuel - petrol, diesel, biodiesel or heating oil - you can burn the fuel more efficiently creating less smoke and emissions, a cleaner engine, better engine performance and more efficient use of the fuel so less of your money goes up in smoke and greenhouse gases.

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Composting your way to the Good Life

Choose an area such as composting that you feel you can change most easily in your life, that at this moment is probably the least green part of your life.

Read up about it, learn what impact your current actions have, what you can do to improve it and what positive effect your new actions will have.

Once you have integrated a change into your life and it becomes more comfortable and natural, start another challenge.

One of the first and most obvious things people think of is Recycling but here are a few others to think about and choose from - from simple walking more to more complex ideas for you to research further...

Recycling - is important to reduce landfill and the use of raw materials.

Fuel efficiency - helps the atmosphere and conserves resources. 

Energy efficiency - helps the atmosphere.

Organic Food - Reduces destruction of top soil, environment and health hazards.

Oranic Fibres - for clothing. Reduces destruction of top soil, environment, health hazards and eventually landfill.

Buy Local - Helps reduce food miles, supports local farmers, helps local economy.

Walking/Cycling - Reduces Carbon Footprint, improves health.

Ban Plastic Bags - Reduces Landfill, reduces risk to wildlife, reduces toxins

Compost Food Waste - Reduces Landfill, Improves garden soil organically


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